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Get Holiday Glam with Pure Cosmetics & OMGartistry

Pure Cosmetics has teamed up with Olivia Smalley, published celebrity hair and makeup artist and owner of OMGartistry, to create a glam look perfect for the holiday season party scene using the Limited Edition Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette.  


Get the look:

1. Apply concealer of choice all over the entire Eye to cancel out any unwanted tones or pigments on the lid. 
2.  To seal the concealer, apply "butterscotch" over the entire eye. 

3.  Then with a fine brush Contour the sockets of the eye with "classic" to start building color depth and blend out with a fluffy brush. 

4. Using water and "Ritz" make a liquid  mixture with a flat brush and pat on the lead for an electrified look. 

5. Apply Pure waterproof liquid liner in black to top of the lid 
6. With thin liner brush, mix water and "licorice" and create wing with eyeshadow and perfect with makeup remover wipes. 
7. Using "classic" line the bottoms of her eyes. 
8. Add  concealer and foundation of choice. 


9. To seal the final look, apply Pure  illumination lip gloss (this is the only one I can't remember the name of.. it was a brown like sparkle) 

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