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3 Beauty Trends that Emerged and/or Survived Quarantine

As quarantine comes to a close and our public and private lives become one again, women everywhere are getting back to their "normal" beauty routines and embracing colored cosmetics once again.  Pure Cosmetics couldn't be more excited that makeup is BACK, pure pretties! Read on to find out what beauty trends emerged and/or survived quarantine and what to expect in cosmetics this season!

Loving the Skin You're In 

With Covid forcing most women to forego their typical beauty maintenance from estheticians and licensed professionals and put focus on developing or expanding their at-home skincare routines, the industry saw skincare sales spike drastically with sales jumping 40% from 2019 to 2020.  As women became more focused on flawless skin rather than covering it up with cosmetics daily, a new trend emerged - Fresh Face.  

Women may be closing the door on quarantine, but their dedication to at-home skincare isn't going anywhere!  At home overnight treatments, like Pure Lano's Overnight Revitalizing Treatment, are still a go-to and nightly must-have for keeping skin happy, healthy, and looking its best!



As a result of women's dedication to a new at-home skincare routine, an emphasis on accentuating the face rather than covering it up is emerging as women get back out into world.  Opting for cosmetics that enhance their skin and accentuate features rather than covering them up, sheer lip glosses, like Pure Cosmetic's Natural Hydrating Lip Gloss in Nude Beach and Shimmer, are go-to's for a subtle, neutral shine while simple compacts, like Pure Cosmetic's Bronzed and Beautiful Glow Kit, are becoming a one-stop shop to add a light wash of color to the eyes, cheeks and face.


While overall makeup application is appearing lighter coming out of quarantine, women are giving their eyes a little extra attention. From subtle shimmers on the lids to a beautiful bold smoky eye, beauty lovers are getting creative with eyeshadow application and experimenting with a variety of looks.  Looking to get creative?  Try Pure Cosmetic's Studio Palette!  

With a stunning array of both matte and shimmer shades, this palette is the perfect eyeshadow collection to create endless looks this season.  Currently on sale for $5, you cannot beat this deal!


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