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What Makes Pure Cosmetics Professional Makeup Brush Sets A Must-Have?

Cosmetic brushes can be one of the most difficult products to purchase due to the variety of shapes, sizes, bristle compositions...need we say more?  But, Pure Cosmetic's makeup brush sets are an excellent tool for beauty professionals,  makeup artists, and beauty enthusiasts looking for high-quality, effective beauty tools.


Pure Cosmetics aims to provide customers with makeup and tools that are free of parabens and, above all, are cruelty-free.  Our makeup brush sets are no different.  Both of our professional makeup brush sets are made from the highest grade synthetic and are versatile enough to be used for application of loose or pressed powders to cream and even liquid foundations. 


Since the incessant fraying or even falling out of the fibers in a makeup brush can not only make for an unpleasant cosmetic application process, but eventually result in the retirement of a brush due to failure to apply makeup the way the brush was originally intended, Pure Cosmetics is proud to note that each of the professional makeup brushes inside our sets is triple-clamped at the ferrule (middle of brush) to ensure the luxurious fibers keep their fluffy, tightly bound shape. 


Often, brush manufacturers suggest a detailed, often lengthy cleaning process to ensure the integrity of the makeup brush.  Pure Cosmetic's makeup brush sets do not.  For a total clean, we suggest using a light soap, like Dove, with warm water to clean brushes once every two weeks, or less, depending upon weekly use.  If this simple instruction is followed, these cosmetic brushes will last for years. 


It is certainly not a secret that the price of cosmetic brushes can often be alarmingly high.  Each of Pure Cosmetics's professional quality brush sets is under $30, nearly a third of the price of ONE standard brand's brush prices!

Pure Cosmetics is currently offering customers 50% off both of the Professional Makeup Brush Sets currently available - yes, that means you can get a WHOLE BRUSH SET right now for $12.50!

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