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Beauty Breakdown: Pure Cosmetics Bronzed & Beautiful Glow Kit

A look at what makes Pure Cosmetics' Bronzed & Beautiful Glow Kit A #PurePretty Favorite

Whether you've been using Pure Cosmetic's Bronzed & Beautiful Glow Kit forever or just getting to see it for the first time, this stunning ombre pressed powder palette for blushing and bronzing is a must-have makeup item, especially in the summer.

Why do customers love our Bronzed & Beautiful Glow Kit?

Custom-curated by professional makeup artists, the Bronzed & Beautiful Glow Kit was designed to deliver instant illumination & sun-kissed radiance with blend-able, complimentary shades that can be used together to highlight and contour cheekbones, or separately to sculpt features. 

The Pure Promise

Just like our other Pure Cosmetics makeup, this highlight, blush, and contour palette is free of Talc and Parabens while always remaining cruelty-free too.

Pure Cosmetics Bronzed & Beautiful Glow Kit - Paraben, Cruelty and Gluten-free
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