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A Summer Makeup Bag Must-Have: Setting Spray

We've all noticed it - that one girl at brunch in the 100-degree heat whose makeup still looks absolutely flawless while the rest of us are looking like we've been inside a sauna for the last hour.  #Purepretties, the good news is: there is no secret to that girl's perfectly intact makeup.  You've undoubtedly used a hair-setting spray at some point.  And a makeup setting spray isn't much different.  Used as a final layer of defense after makeup application, a makeup setting spray is spritzed lightly over the face to instantly set and secure makeup while combating surface shine and minimizing the look of pores. 

Advantages of Using a Makeup Setting Spray in Humid Weather

Makeup setting spray's primary objective is to keep makeup from smudging, smearing, or fading.  Having a sweat-proof setting spray in your makeup arsenal is crucial in humid temperatures/locales where eyeliner, foundation, mascara, and more are prone to melting throughout the day.  Pure Cosmetics Dynamic Duo Matte Setting Spray is a perfect product to combat the heat and keep makeup flawless even in the hottest of temperatures.

Clean Ingredients, Quality Formula

Free of parabens, talc and ALWAYS animal-cruelty free, Pure Cosmetics Dynamic Duo Makeup Setting Spray is packed with skin-loving ingredients that won't irritate the face post application.  To use this matte setting spray, apply a thin mist to face and let set for 20 seconds.  


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