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Silicone Pro Blender

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What it is:

An innovative, washable and reusable alternative that makes wasting cosmetics a thing of the past.  The Silicone Pro Blender allows for effective spreading and blending of liquid/cream cosmetics, while using only half the amount of product associated with traditional application with a sponge or brush.  The cutting-edge Silicone Pro Blender is made of highly durable, non-porous silicone making it incredibly easy to clean.

For Best Results:

Take a minimal amount of cream liquid/cream product and work in a circular motions to spread the product across face until product will not spread further.  Repeat to cover face. Tap repeatedly to blend and smooth, paying close attention to the jawline, hairline and around the eyes.  In order to cover detailed areas, hold the sides of the Silicone Pro Blender to create a point and blend as necessary.  Repeat and build coverage as needed.


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